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Volkswagen ID.4 Recalled For Doors Opening During Driving

July 15, 2023

Imagine you are driving your brand new Volkswagen and suddenly one of its doors opens while your car is still in motion. Scary ! isn’t it. This is exactly what has happened with Volswagen’s all-electric 2023 ID.4’s doors. According to the Volkswagen reports, various quality issues including this one are reported at its supplier’s factory.

The reason behind may be water getting into the circuit board for the door handle, permitting it to open without any input. This issue of the doors opening in VW ID 4 affects 1,455 vehicles in Canada and 16,207 vehicles in the U.S. All these vehicles were assembled at Volkswagen’s plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

The Manufacturer has blamed it on its supplier U-Shin’s plant in Mexico.

In January of this year, Volkswagen received the first field report of a door opening unexpectedly. There have been 10 such cases of the vehicles made at the Chattanooga Plant. 

After an investigation, the manufacturers have determined that the defect originates from a leak that can permit water to get onto the circuit board assembly of the door handle unit. The problem between the door control unit and the actual handle can cause the car to acquire an open command from the handle.

This condition may occur even at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour (9 miles per hour), which is alarming.

Analyzing the hazards that can be caused by a door opening while the car is still in motion, Volkswagen has started a recall campaign. It is a safety hazard not only for the occupants of the car but also for the people outside the car who might get hit by it.

Volkswagen will initiate informing owners about the recall on May 26. A remedy for this recall is still under process, and Volkswagen will send the notice regarding it once the remedy is available. Volkswagen has provided a stop sale on the 2023 ID4. For further information, The Vehicle’s owners can dial Volkswagen’s customer service Number, i.e. 1-800-893-529 and can enquire about the availability of the remedy.

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