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    Top 5 Myths about California Lemon Law

    September 13, 2022

    It is not okay to take advice from your friends on legal matters or believe anything before you consult with experts. Always consult experts in case of any law-related topic; in this case, you should always do a consultation with lemon law attorneys to understand if your car claim can come under California lemon law.

    We always try to debunk the common myths about lemon law. Here are the top 5 Myths about lemon law that you should be aware of :


    Myth: It is a costly a lot of money to hire an experienced lemon law lawyer

    Fact: It is completely a false statement that makes vehicle owners think twice before going for a consultation with lawyers. Fortunately, California Lemon Laws clearly state that car manufacturers must pay attorney’s fees if their car is proven to be a lemon. So no matter how long the legal process takes, the car manufacturers are bound to pay legal fees in case your claim is proved to be lemon as per law.

    Lemon law lawyers at Sage Law Group will demand to take your car back and a full refund to you by the manufacturer after your car is determined to be a lemon.


    Myth: Lemon Law Lawsuits take a very long time

    Fact: Some consumers might be concerned about the long legal process. This is a common myth about California lemon law that it takes several months or more to settle the claim. In fact, most of the claims can be settled within a few weeks, although there are some cases that might take a longer time. Initial evaluation and the information you provide to your lawyer is very important.


    Myth: Used cars are not covered by California lemon law

    Fact: Some car owners believe that only new cars are covered by lemon law, but this is not true. Used cars also come under the law under certain conditions and have to go through an evaluation if your car can be considered a lemon. The lemon law in California is not limited to only new cars. You can claim that your car is a lemon and file for a lawsuit to get compensation. In case of any doubt, you can get a free evaluation done by our legal team at Sage Law Group.


    Myth: Lemon law will not be applicable if the warranty of the vehicle expires

    Fact: Another myth floating around the consumers is that vehicles with an expired warranty are not covered under the lemon law. This is not entirely true, as there are cases when the vehicle is not repaired after multiple attempts, and the warranty is expired. Consultation with lawyers is very important here. At Sage Law Group, we always do a detailed evaluation of the vehicle with the car owner to understand the specifics of the claim and determine if your vehicle is covered under the law.


    Myth: My car or my vehicle need to have serious problems to be considered a lemon

    Fact: This is completely false. California lemon law applies to any problem, whether major or minor. Even minor issues like a window not working properly are covered under California lemon law.


    We hope that we have made car owners more aware of their rights and we will keep posting more articles to help you against the big manufacturers.

    Do you think you have a lemon ?

    You can get a free lemon law evaluation from our experts at Sage Law Group.

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