California Lemon Law Attorneys

Self Help Options for California Lemon Law Cases

How You Can Seek Justice on Your Own

If you are faced with a Lemon Law case, you have options. If you purchased or leased a defective car, truck, RV, boat, ATV, PWC, or other consumer product, retaining Sage Law Group, LLP to protect your rights is a
wise choice but is not your only option.

If you are not yet ready for legal action, here are some other actions you can take:

  • Write a letter to the store, dealer, and/or manufacturer that sold or leased the product. Clearly explain to them your complaints and demand a resolution. Provide them two weeks to respond. If they do not
    respond or they do not offer to resolve your complaint when they respond, you may need to retain a lawyer.
  • Visit the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Arbitration Certification Program website. With respect to some cars and trucks, the Arbitration Certification Program has certified resolution programs
    for the manufacturers that are free for you to use and could result in you obtaining a refund, replacement vehicle, or another reimbursement for your losses in as little as a week.
  • Visit the Better Business Bureau Autoline website. The BBB has set up a summary of California Lemon Law that is easy to read, understand and follow. With respect to cars and trucks, the BBB also has set up
    dispute resolution programs that are free for you to use and that may result in a binding award that compels a store, dealer, or manufacturer to provide you a refund or replacement vehicle.
  • Visit the New Motor Vehicle Board website. The NMVB offers a free, informal dispute resolution program for consumers having problems with the store, dealer or manufacturer that sold or leased them their new
    or used vehicle.
  • Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. NHTSA, as it is known, tracks vehicle safety records, posts a list of defect investigations by vehicle make, model and year, lists all
    recalls, and permits you to register complaints about vehicles and read other consumers complaints.
  • Ask to have a factory representative meet with you in person to go over your complaints with the product. You can make this request by either directing it to the store or dealer that sold or leased you the
    product or by calling the manufacturer directly. In every warranty book accompanying the sale or lease of a new product, there is a manual with a customer service number to call in the event that you have
    problems with the product. Call the number and request an in-person meeting with a manufacturer representative. If the manufacturer is serious about assisting you, it will send out one of its representatives
  • See our FAQs page for additional helpful information.

If these methods do not yield results, it may be time to get a Los Angeles Lemon Lawyer involved. Sometimes an aggressive attorney is the only person who can make significant progress on a claim. Sage Law Group, LLP
is prepared to take on your Lemon Law case and help you seek a favorable resolution.

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