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    Many people believe that buying a car is inevitably a gamble. If you purchase
    a vehicle with seemingly endless mechanical issues, there is nothing to
    do but continue making repairs and accept that you were down on your luck
    when you bought it.

    At Sage Law Group, LLP, our lemon law attorneys are here to tell you otherwise. The California
    Lemon Law is a powerful form of consumer protection that provides legal
    recourse for those who have purchased defective vehicles. As a consumer,
    you have rights, and our job is to help you protect those rights and fight
    for your financial wellbeing.

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    What Is the California Lemon Law?

    Manufacturers and retailers build and sell defective products all the time.
    When it comes to your vehicle, however, a defective product can be life-threatening.
    Fortunately, car manufacturers and dealers are legally required to meet
    a certain level of quality, and these standards are usually guaranteed
    by warranty. This warranty is what allows you to return to the dealer
    for cost-free repairs within a certain time frame.

    The Lemon Law, however, kicks in when you have made several repair attempts
    within the manufacturer’s warranty. This legislation applies to
    any vehicles (new or used) that are still under the manufacturer’s
    warranty, and it can cover passenger cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles,
    ATVs, and even RVs.

    Under the California Lemon Law, you may be entitled to compensation for
    any of the following expenses:

    • The down payment, subsequent monthly payments, or the balance of your loan
    • Towing expenses
    • Rental car expenses
    • Sales tax/finance charges
    • Vehicle registration fees
    • Repair/service costs

    If your defective vehicle is covered by the California Lemon Law, you will
    choose between a replacement vehicle and reimbursement. Reimbursement
    should be the fair market value of the vehicle when you initially purchased it.

    When the Dealer Refuses to Comply

    If you have decided to request a replacement or reimbursement, but the
    dealer has not fulfilled your request, we may take your case to court.
    Through skilled litigation, we can advocate for your rights and maximize
    your likelihood of achieving a favorable resolution.

    Under the law, the manufacturer or dealer will be required to cover your
    attorney’s fees if we win in court. In other words, if we are successful,
    your fees will be included in your compensation. If we aren’t successful,
    you’ll owe us nothing.

    What Our Team Can Do for You

    At Sage Law Group, LLP, our Riverside lemon law attorneys have handled
    thousands of cases like yours, and we can help you understand your rights
    under this complex legislation. We can help you make a fully informed
    decision that protects both your financial security and physical wellbeing.
    Whether we resolve this matter without a trial or litigate your case in
    court, you can trust us to utilize our
    25+ years of experience and resulting legal prowess.

    Lemon Law matters are time-sensitive, which is why we urge you to get in
    touch with us right away if you believe you have bought a lemon. Call
    (800) 581-3087 or
    contact us online to schedule your free consultation today!

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