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Kia Recalls Seltos and Soul 2024 Due To a Side Curtain Airbag Issue

February 15, 2024

Kia has published a 2024 Kia Seltos and Soul recall notice over an airbag issue. Airbags in these vehicles blow up for no reason. Due to Airbag’s improper functioning issue, there is a requirement for a replacement to fix the issue.

The Kia Seltos and Soul manufacturing error may lead to the diffuser disk splitting within the hybrid inflator. Thus, the airbag inflates without any deployment command. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a list of four part numbers for the side curtain airbag modules:

– 80410-K0000 and 80420-K0000,

– 80410-Q5000 and 80420-Q5000

The dealer needs to inspect around 2,300 vehicles that may require replacement with new airbag modules. Kia has announced the notification process for a recent vehicle recall. Dealers will receive alerts by January 29, while affected owners can expect Kia-branded envelopes via first-class mail by January 31. The recall affects 933 units of the Soul and 1,367 units of the Seltos.

As per Kia Company, dealers will get a warning by January 29, and owners of the Kia vehicles affected by the Airbag Issue can expect the Kia-branded envelope to come via first-class mail by January 31. The affected vehicles include

– 933 units of the Soul
– 1,367 units of the Seltos

Affected Soul Crossovers production dates range from April 5 to April 28, and seltos production dates range from April 3 to May 8. Kia North America was informed about this issue in July 2023 after a dealer inspected an inflated left-side curtain airbag in a parked 2023 Model-year Soul.

The Kia dealer notified the manufacturer of the left-side and second inadvertent airbag inflation in September 2023. On 30th November, the supplier admitted to a welding error with the airbag inflater. As a result of accidental inflation, there is no report of any incident or injuries.

Side curtain airbags have been installed improperly due to a welding error so that they may deploy unexpectedly. Its unexpected deployment can increase the risk of crashes or incidents. Dealers will inspect and repair both side curtain airbag modules as needed without any charges. Owners may contact the Kia Customer Service Number, i.e., 1-800-333-4542.

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