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Honda Recalls 2.6 Million Cars Due To Fuel Pumps Issue

February 15, 2024

Honda recalls 2.6 million Vans Cars, SUVs, and pickups in the US (United States) because fuel pumps could sometimes fail. If this happens at the driving time, your car, SUV, or another pickup could become uncontrollable and stuck in a big problem.

Honda has announced a recall notice for 620,000 vehicles in 2021 with the wrong fuel problem. This current recall notice has been issued regarding many new vehicles. These cars, SUVs, and pickups were not included 1-2 years ago. The following models are included in Honda Vehicle Recall, i.e.,

– 2019 and 2020 model year Honda Accord,

– 2019 Honda Odyssey,

– 2019 Honda Pilot,

– 2019 Honda Ridgeline

– Many other Honda and Acura models

As per reports, Honda’s automakers resolved the fuel pump issue for replacement before any incident occurred. This defect in fuel pumps may raise the vehicle’s crash risk.

“Countermeasure replacement parts are not available in sufficient quantities for all recalled vehicles at the time of this announcement, and American Honda intends to notify vehicle owners in stages,” stated Honda.

Honda’s news of the Bad Fuel Pump Issue was heard on Thursday. It is addressed that there is a problem with the function of the fuel pump impeller, which may cause the fuel pump to fail. This defective fuel pump may stall the vehicle’s engine during driving, causing accidents. However, there is no news regarding any injury or crash over fuel pump impeller issues.

As per Honda, the United States subsidiaries will notify the vehicle owner in stages as parts for the replacement become equipped. According to the Company’s Federal recall reports, between December 2023 and February 2024, Honda’s dealers will fix the fuel pump module issue of recalled vehicles by replacement that also free of cost.

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