California Lemon Law Attorneys

Buying and maintaining any vehicle should be a straightforward and smooth process for consumers, but in some cases, you are sold a car with some defects or issues.

Next, you visit the dealer and ask for a repair or fix for the problem you are facing. Still, unfortunately, sometimes it is not fixed even after multiple attempts. Here in California, lemon law is applicable if you want a refund for your vehicle or compensation for the faulty vehicle sold to you.

To pursue the path of claiming compensation, you need an experienced lemon law attorney. Although it is not mandatory and you can opt for self-help.


In this blog, we will discuss some of the top reasons to hire a lemon attorney instead of self-help:

Hiring a Lemon Law Lawyer / Attorney costs nothing to you :

Yes, you read it right. Hiring a lemon law lawyer will cost you nothing as manufacturers are bound to cover the expenses of a lawsuit when your claim is succesful, and that’s one of the top reasons to hire an expert instead of doing it on your own. You get an expert evaluation for your lemon car, guidance, and an experienced attorney backing you.

Decades of Years of experience handling lemon law cases :

It might be the first time a consumer faces an issue for their car or any other vehicle, but Lemon law lawyers have many years of experience handling lemon law cases.

Lawyers are aware of the challenges and technicalities of the process. Also, a lawyer is mindful of the manufacturer’s or dealers’ tactics to deny the claim. They have adequate experience handling lemon cases.

It’s always good to get the help of an experienced lawyer instead of tackling this issue on your own. Our attorney’s will be on your side and make the process effortless for you while they get the justice you deserve from the car manufacturers.


Higher Success Rates

Having a lawyer by your side to deal with the manufacturer or dealer is always helpful for better results. It is not just about lemon law but any lawsuit.

Dealers have a team of lawyers to take their side, and it is hard for an average consumer to negotiate with experienced lawyers on the subject. Having a lemon law attorney with you makes the process easier. It costs nothing to you as we mentioned above.

We at Sage Law Group always ensure that our client gets the best dealer offer and make the whole process hassle-free. Contact us to get FREE Evaluation of your case.