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Ford Water Pump Issues – Is There a Recall for This Issue?

May 31, 2024

Many customers place blind trust in Ford and its automobiles, valuing their endurance, reliability, and fast consumer services. However, in recent years, cars from Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, and other manufacturers have faced manufacturing defects. These defects, sometimes unrepairable due to their high cost, have led to consumer protests and demands for recalls.

Has Ford Issued a Water Pump Recall?

As of September 2020, Ford has not issued a recall for water pumps. Nonetheless, many customers have filed complaints regarding the water pump in their Ford vehicles, including issues such as:

  • A faulty water pump causing the vehicle to stall while in motion
  • A faulty water pump causing the vehicle to overheat

Registration of Complaints

In 2019, Ford faced its first lawsuit over defective water pumps in certain Duratec V6 engines. Although the case was dismissed, a similar lawsuit was filed in 2022 in the Supreme Court of Canada and the U.S. District Court. Ford, known for its exceptional customer service, has denied all complaints and claims related to the manufacturing and deployment of these water pumps.

The Issue Behind the Lawsuit

The water pump is essential for maintaining the engine’s temperature balance by circulating coolant through the engine, radiator, and heater core. A failure in the water pump can cause severe damage to the engine. Despite global concerns and lawsuits, Ford has not taken action to address this issue. The problem intensifies when coolant mixes with oil, further damaging the engine. Additionally, a poor fit of the water pump’s pulley can cause whining or irritating noises, which worsen with acceleration, leading to direct engine damage. However, Ford has not recalled the defective water pump design.

What to Do if You Find Manufacturing Defects in Your Car

If widespread manufacturing faults are discovered, the automobile company typically issues recalls. If a company does not initiate a recall, consumers can file a lawsuit. To check if a recall has been issued, visit the NHTSA website for detailed information on follow-up actions.

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