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Ford is issuing a recall notice for 112,965 pickup trucks due to a damaged rear axle hub bolt. The damaged rear axle bolt increases the risk of parking brake issues that cause drivers and other passengers trouble by rolling away at any time.

As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Ford recalled more than 112,000 F-150s due to the risk of rollaway because of rear axle hub bolt damage. This recall affects F-150 vehicles with the model year 2021 through 2023 provided with the max trailer tow package.

The Ford Recall Notice stated that the rear axle hub bolt might fatigue and break in recalled pickup trucks. This issue leads to axle hub spline damage and increases the chances of vehicles rolling away when the driver parks it without applying a parking brake, which may lead to a loss of driving power. A vehicle’s loss of driving power may increase the risk of injuries or accidents.

The Ford Motors Company reports depicted that the dealers will repair the issue, which impacts Ford F-150 pickup trucks. While driving the Ford F-150, if its owners hear clicking or rattling noises from the rear axle bolt, they must inform their local Ford dealer about this issue. These issues drivers face can make them prone to severe injuries and problems while driving.

Last Year, Ford recalled 870,000 or more of its full-sized F-150 trucks over the electronic parking brake engaged unexpectedly at any time. This issue may also occur while the vehicle is being driven. It causes the car to lose power, and there will be a risk of injury or crash.

Ford mailed the letters of recall to the F-150 owners in the last week of January 2024. The F-150 owners may contact the dealers at the Ford Customer Service number, 866-436-7332. The Ford recall number is 23S65.

According to reports, Ford is looking for a solution to fix this issue to avoid injury or a crash. Whenever Ford is ready to repair this damaged rear axle hub bolt, resulting in a parking brake issue, it will update the dealers and customers shortly.