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Does Lemon Law Apply To Motorcycles?

March 15, 2024

Excitement, happiness, and curiosity to get your motorcycle is unexplainable. But what if it turns out to be a wrong decision, what if you get a defective bike, then what?

Your first step should be to approach a lemon law lawyer. Don’t let those issues take away from your enjoyment. If you have nothing to do with the defect, don’t worry; Lemon Law is designed to protect you in such cases.

Let’s delve into this article and move towards understanding motorcycle lemon law and your fundamental rights under this.

Motorcycle Lemon Law

Lemon law applies to motorcycles in California, and Californian and Federal Lemon Law approves this. In this, the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act is also known as California’s Lemon Law. Lemon law applies to motorcycles as long as they are not used for business purposes or owned by the business.

Fortunately, you have a legal remedy concerning the Lemon Law for motorcycles. However, each state has its own law that directly helps protect the rights of the people. However, the government also provides a valid time to clean their name in the process successfully. But Lemon Law for Motorcycles can be processed if they don’t do under 30 non-consecutive days and have four unsuccessful attempts.

California law offers four years to file the claim for compensation or replacement under Lemon Law for mechanical issues and other defects within 18 months of the ownership.

Basics of Motorcycle Lemon Law

Don’t ever think that the first sign of a defect in your motorcycle doesn’t define that your vehicle is a lemon. Specific qualifications that are needed to be qualified for Lemon Law include.

> The original warranty should cover your motorcycle, and you need to ensure this while purchasing the vehicle.

> If you detect any defects, then report them to the manufacturers under the warranty time.

> Give manufacturers a reasonable number of times and let them fix the issues. If they cannot solve the problem, then complain to the manufacturer.

> Under Lemon law, if the manufacturer cannot successfully repair the item after a reasonable number of attempts, the buyer is entitled to a refund or replacement.

> It is your right to document all the records so that, in time, you can get the proper solution.

> Only you can get the claim if you have detected the manufacturing defect not by the driver or if it happened because of negligence.

Know your rights

The important thing is to qualify for the state’s Lemon Law. If the motorcycle meets the law and the manufacturer cannot repair it, you have every right to seek buyback and replacement of the bike.

  1. Motorcycle lemon law Buyback

Buyback means that the manufacturer is taking back the motorcycle they have sold to the customers because of the defect in the bike. The manufacturer is purchasing the bike minus the mileage offset. In addition, manufacturers are also responsible for paying the official costs (sales tax, registration), incidental costs (towing fees, cab fare, stays, etc), and other attorney fees, including the court cost.

Necessary: You must see the invoices, records, and receipts linked to the costs incurred by the defective bikes.

  1. Seek compensation

Just assume you have accomplished the criteria of motorcycle lemon law in California, and then the next step is to file the claim. You need to ensure that you are approaching a skilled firm. Every person faces this for the first time, and without experience in this field, motorcycle lemon law is complicated to get fair compensation.

The negotiation process with the manufacturer starts once the claim has been fulfilled. Here, the lawyer needs to come into play, as their responsibility is to be sure that the person is getting fair compensation based on what they have suffered because of the manufacturer’s negligence. The fair compensation will ultimately be paid in a lump sum or periodic payments.

  1. Replacement

This is the most convenient option which one can opt for. In exchange for your defective bike, you can replace it with a new one with the same model and value. Don’t worry, manufacturers are not liable to reject the replacement process. If you want to ensure about the defects, take a mechanic with you.

The purpose of the government is to give you what you truly deserve. So don’t hesitate to ask questions or raise your query.

Ride with confidence

Roads can be volatile, but your rights can’t be. So, know your Lemon Law rights for motorcycles. However, Sage Law Group is always available for you. The law might vary state by state but always supports the person’s rights. If you are planning to purchase a bike or have already purchased one, you better get the complete information related to the process so that you know what you need to do when the time comes.


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